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We live in a far from perfect world. Whether it’s man or nature, destructive forces are all around us. Sun Masters offers a range of products that increase protection against everything from criminal acts to catastrophic events.

Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Chemical explosions. Bomb blasts. Theft. Vandalism. All of these events can cause massive damage to our homes and businesses, and in many cases, can prove lethal. The addition of safety films can dramatically improve security for buildings of all kinds.

Sun Masters offer’s films that meet or exceed the requirements of more US and international standards for safety and security than anyone. No matter what your window protection needs are, we have the films to fit them.

Natural Disaster ProtectionSafety films protect against hurricanes and Earthquakes
During hurricanes, when high-powered winds are allowed to enter a structure, they can collapse it from the inside. By preventing the glass from shattering, our safety film not only prevents potential physical harm, but also keeps winds from rushing inside and doing serious structural damage.

In an earthquake, our special safety film holds glass together under the most extreme conditions, minimizing injury to those nearby, both inside and out. It’s convenient, permanent, and most importantly, a more effective alternative to boarding or taping your windows.

The powerful blast from a bomb can cause immeasurable destruction. It would seem that windows shattering would be the least of it, but a single square foot of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp fragments. Flying glass shards are often the cause of severe injury, and even death.

Sun Master’s Safety & Security systems are specifically engineered and tested to meet stringent federal and state mandated standards, more so than any other films in the industry.

The manufacturer of Sun Master’s safety films conducts blast tests that adhere to the protocols outlined by the U.S. General Services Administration Standard Test Method for Glazing and Window Systems Subject to Dynamic Overpressure Loadings. [PDF]

When working with flammable chemicals, there is always the risk of an explosion, and every plant or refinery is required to have a plan in place to minimize loss of life. Sun Master’s SafetyShield Safety & Security systems should be a key part of any safety plan. SafetyShield prevents glass from shattering in high-powered internal and external explosions, which would propel thousands of sharp fragments at high speeds, potentially causing additional serious injuries and fatalities. With four Anchoring Restraint Systems to choose from, we have the solution that’s right for your facility.

Vandalism is more than just a nuisance and eyesore, it’s also a huge financial drain to public and private budgets.

The cost of repeatedly replacing windows and glass that has been scratched up or marked with spray-paint can end up being prohibitive, not to mention time consuming and disruptive.

Sun Masters offers a special window coating for the commercial and retail marketplace. When vandals do strike, it won’t be permanent.

The window stays put and only the film is replaced, at a fraction of the cost.

Windows are, and always have been, the quickest way for people to gain access to someplace they’re not supposed to be.

And if they’re going in through a smashed window, it’s usually because time is something they don’t have much of.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.Home Window Tinting Dallas TexasSun Master’s SafetyShield 1500 stops these intruders in their tracks.

When struck, the glass will break, but not shatter, preventing the intruder from entering quickly, and leaving him wondering what to do next.

In most cases, the answer is simple: move on. SafetyShield 1500 is among the first films in the world to pass the UL972 standard for Anti-Intrusion — making it the easy choice to help secure your home or business from theft and intrusion.

Sun Masters believes the most important aspect of our business is in the testing of our products, and our products are tested extensively by independent consultants under the most extreme conditions.

Instead of swinging a sandbag into a pane of glass from 5 feet, our films are subjected to detonations of up to 10 psi – enough to take down most buildings.

Our films meet and surpass more government and international standards than any other films.

In buildings where the government mandates tempered glass, Sun Masters offers films that can bring buildings up to requirements at costs far below than that of replacing existing windows.

Our Safety Films have been extensively tested by independent testing facilities and meet Safety Glazing criteria as defined by CPSC, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Council, and Underwriters Laboratories.

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Whether it’s controlling harsh sunlight, providing a safe space for a commercial building’s property and occupants, or lowering heating and cooling costs and reducing environmental impact.


Madico architectural window films offer a wealth of benefits for homeowners, depending on which type you choose. In addition, they are available in a variety of styles and hues, so you can be as bold—or as subtle—as you'd like.

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