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Dec 29, 2023

Get an Energy Tax Credit for Residential Window Tinting

Installing window tinting in your home can help reduce heat gain during the summer and heat loss during the winter. Not only can tinting your Dallas home save your comfort, but improving your home’s energy efficiency may qualify you for valuable tax credits. 

Let’s take a look at what you need to know about getting an energy tax credit for residential window tinting and why you should always go with Sun Masters DFW for your tinting and shading needs.

What is the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credit?

The energy-efficient home improvement tax credit allows homeowners to claim a tax credit of up to 30% of the amount paid for eligible energy-efficient improvements made to their primary residence. This credit applies to upgrades perfor9med up to Jan. 1, 2033. 

According to the IRS, there is no lifetime dollar limit. So, essentially, the more you improve the energy-efficiency of your home over the years, the more you can save, with a $2,000 annual aggregate amount allowed.

Note that when it comes to residential window tint, the maximum limit you can claim is $600 every year.  

Eligible Home Improvements

To qualify for the tax credit, the improvement must be considered an “energy-efficient building envelope component.” This includes insulation, exterior doors, windows, and skylights. Only specific types of these components qualify, as outlined by the manufacturer’s certification.

The IRS also states that the home must also be:

  • Located in the United States
  • Your primary residence
  • An existing property, not a newly built home

Why Window Tinting Qualifies for a Tax Credit

Adding window tinting is an easy way to improve your home’s windows to meet the efficiency requirements for the tax credit. By reducing heat gain through the windows, quality window films can reduce the U-factor and SHGC ratings.

The level of efficiency improvement depends on the existing window and the film selected. If you want to gain from this tax credit, reach out to Sun Masters DFW. We can model your project around desired energy levels and ensure your film reduces your window’s U-factor and SHGC enough to qualify for a maximum credit.

We can even help you acquire proper documentation from the film manufacturer showing the efficiency ratings have improved to the required levels, qualifying for the tax credit. 

The Benefits of Choosing Professional Window Tinting 

While DIY window tinting may seem like an easy way to save money, you don’t have the experience of a professional contractor on your side to ensure the job meets federal standards.

Hiring a professional Dallas window tinting team like us for your Dallas window tinting job is worth the investment. 

Experience and Expertise

We have the skills, knowledge, and tools to quickly and perfectly apply films to your windows. 

Our team puts its 40 years of experience behind each job and is ready to share the best options for your climate and window exposure.

Working with us as your contractor is critical to achieve the energy efficiency required for tax credits. We know how to analyze your existing windows and select the best films to meet efficiency standards.

Quality Installation

Applying window tint properly is an art that takes training and practice. Skilled installers use techniques developed over the years to produce a flawless, long-lasting tint job.

DIY films often contain bubbles, debris, cuts, and visible seams. Professional tint has a smooth finish that maintains clarity and aesthetics for years. At the end of the day, you don’t just want the tax break. You also want clean edges and corners that enhance your home’s appearance.

Product Warranties

Reputable window tinting companies offer warranties against bubbling, peeling, cracking, and fading. This guarantees your investment and energy-efficient performance. 

DIY kits rarely offer guarantees. Improper consumer installation often leads to premature failure that voids any manufacturer warranty.

Convenience and Speed

Doing the job right takes window tinting pros much less time than DIY. There’s no research, buying supplies, or learning curve. 

Our team will finish your entire home quickly, often in just one day, and handle any necessary cleanup or disposal.

Choose the Tinting Experts at Sun Masters DFW for Energy Savings

If you’re located in Dallas, TX, choose Sun Masters DFW for your residential or commercial window tinting needs. All of our professional installers are fully trained and certified to provide excellent service that helps you save money in the long-term.

We’ve served Dallas since 1978 and have always used the highest quality films that help our clients achieve maximum comfort.

Contact us today to schedule your free estimate. Trust our experts to help you choose a window film that qualifies for maximum energy tax credits. Act now to upgrade your windows before tax season is in full swing.