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Professional Window Tinting Company in Dallas

Dallas, known for its abundant sunshine, experiences a climate that offers warmth throughout most of the year. However, excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays may pose challenges for commercial and residential owners in the city.

At Sun Masters DFW, we understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable environment and can help you control hot spots that could tarnish furniture, flooring, or other items situated near windows. 

We are a Dallas team of window tinting professionals that have dedicated over 40 years to our craft. We have a passion for safeguarding our client’s privacy, reducing energy expenses, and mitigating the adverse effects of UV radiation.

Whether your property is in Downtown Dallas, Highland Park, Bishop Arts District, or any other neighborhood in our metropolitan paradise, Sun Masters DFW is prepared to help you comfortably bring light to your home.

Dallas Commercial Window Tinting Examples

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know that unfiltered windows can leave any space too hot or too cold. Let us help you avoid eyestrain and pain from sunlight glare and keep your business’s productivity at an all-time high.

Our Dallas commercial window tinting service limits exposure to harmful UV rays and mitigate the frustration of glaring computer screens, faded furniture, and skyrocketing A/C bills.

Dallas Toyota Chose Dark Neutral 15 Window Film

The Dallas Toyota dealership off 635 and Jupiter had a problem with heat rejection and uncomfortable temperatures turning off customers.


Management wanted customers and employees to feel comfortable inside, especially during summer. 


Our team stepped in and applied a Dark Neutral 15 window film throughout the front sales area. The whole project took one day to complete and left the dealership feeling welcoming to anyone that entered its doors.

Toyota in Dallas chose Dark Neutral 15 Window Tinting

Hide Bar in Lower Greenville Chose Clearview Ceramic 35 Window Film

Any business in Dallas wants to have an inviting exterior that welcomes all customers from off the streets. Hide Bar in lower Greenville is a location that suffered from massive glare issues with their storefront windows.

They needed glare reduction and control heat coming through windows, but they didn’t want to think people were closed for business. Clearview Ceramic 35 has a very high heat reduction but very low reflectivity from outside.

The product we used blocks 60% of the sun’s glare, and lets guests see in from the outside and want to be part of the fun going on inside.   Clearview Ceramic is great for a storefront or a bar where there’s a lot of foot traffic passing by every day.

Hide Bar in lower Greenville Dallas TX chose Clearview Ceramic 35 Window Film

Dallas Residential Window Tinting

We understand that even with a reliable air conditioning system, your home can still feel uncomfortably hot as sunlight seeps through the windows, draining your energy and impacting your comfort. 

Many homeowners in Dallas turn to us when they are eager to save money on energy bills and transform their homes into inviting and pleasant spaces, especially when the scorching heat of summer sets in.


We make Dallas residential window tinting a straightforward process. Our tinting installation experts will help you choose the perfect tint and lead you to the ideal tint thickness and aesthetic that suits your preferences.


Once you’ve picked the perfect product for your home, we’ll swiftly get to work, ensuring precise measurements, expert cuts, and a hassle-free tint application that leaves your home feeling refreshed and comfortable in just a few short hours. 


Say goodbye to the heat and hello to a cozy living environment that you’ll truly enjoy.

Dallas Loft Clearview Plus 70 Window Film

We recently had a Dallas customer reach out to us complaining about getting blasted by the heat through their home’s massive windows.


The property was part of an HOA, and the association limited them to applying window film and not changing the look of the building.


We helped the homeowner remain true to neighborhood uniformity with our Clearview Plus 70 window film.


This film brought a low reflectivity effect that preserved the expensive art and furniture inside but didn’t put the property at risk of going against the association’s requirements.

two story condow with clear window film for sun protection in McKinney

Window Tinting in Dallas - FAQs

Based on the quality and type of tint, window tinting can save energy on a property.


As it blocks out a significant portion of the sun’s UV rays, tinting can help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce the amount of energy your HVAC expends to keep a property cool.


Some window tinting products can save owners up to 15% on their annual energy spending. If energy efficiency is your goal, our tinting installation experts can help you make your Dallas home or office a comfortable, sustainable property.

We make getting a quote as easy as calling us or filling out an online form. Our installation team will come out to your property, inspect the amount of tinting you’ll need, discuss tinting options, and provide you with an accurate quote.

There isn’t a specific timeframe for getting your windows tinted in Dallas. However, we recommend doing so during the spring and fall seasons where extreme weather conditions won’t hold up or compromise the final installation of your window tint.

Yes, we sell window shades as an option for all of our Dallas customers. We offer a wide range of window shade options that include light-filtering shades, room-darkening shades, motorized shades, roller shades, and more!

As a rule of thumb, if it’s brighter outside than it is inside of a property, it’s harder for passersby to see inside of a home or business easily. However, if the interior of the property is lit brighter than the natural light outside, it is possible to see into a property from the outside, in.

The installation process in Dallas typically takes around one hour to apply tint to 3-5 windows. However, it’s important to consider various factors, such as the size of the windows, the total number of windows, and prevailing weather conditions, as these elements can influence the duration of the installation process.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Dallas Window Tinting Companies?

For over four decades, our family-run business has been serving the residential and commercial property owners of Dallas. We take pride in helping our clients achieve optimal comfort and energy efficiency.


Trust our experienced team to harness our extensive knowledge and expertise. We specialize in shielding you from harmful UV rays while addressing any privacy concerns you may have.


Together, we can create a secure and serene environment for your property.

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