Commercial Window Tinting

Hotel Bar inside Hilton at the Harbor Rockwall, TX - Clearview Plus 70 Window Tint

Commercial Window Film for Hotel, Office & Retail

Since 1978, Sunmasters has been North Texas’s go-to company for commercial window tinting that will beautify and secure your office or other commercial building. Thousands of hotel, business office and retail store customers in the Dallas area have trusted our window tinting services thanks to our quality products, expert installation, and conscientious customer service.

We use state-of-the-art window film manufactured by Xpel that strengthen, beautify and protect your company’s windows and glass doors. Our comprehensive line of commercial tinting film products will protect your property from the sun’s heat and damaging rays, strengthen glass against accidents and natural disasters, and make your property more aesthetically pleasing. Adding window tinting is one of the most beneficial improvements you can make to your business office or hotel. We have a window film that fits every need.

Sun Masters guarantee your satisfaction, offering a lifetime warranty on commercial window tint installed by our company. Check out our Photo Gallery for samples of our commercial window tinting around the Dallas metroplex including the Sheraton Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Baylor University, T-Mobile stores as well as many local cafes and office spaces.


Solar Window Film

Sun Masters delivers a wide range of commercial solar control window films to protect against the sun’s damaging rays and excessive heat.

Adding solar window film helps to eliminate extreme temperature swings. It allows your commercial space to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter for greater overall comfort while also reducing glare, protecting furniture and valuable documents.

Choose from a variety of solar window films that provide excellent aesthetics and high visible light transmission, each available in several VLT (visible light transmission) grades that allow you to choose the coverage and protection necessary at your hotel, store or office. 

La Quinta Hotel in North Dallas TX with Evening View 5% Window Film Added

Solar protection films include:

Broken window of store

Advantages of security film:


Security Window Film

Protect your employees, tenants, and their visitors with security window tint. XPEL’s VISION window film is your first line of defense against a range of threats that can affect your property.

Accidents and natural disasters can wreak havoc on your commercial property, but with a security window film installation, you’ll be able to cope with the aftermath.

Security window film keeps the interior of your commercial premises safe from prying eyes in the daytime as well as at night.

Available in a range of thicknesses, our security window film creates a safer work area by making glass more difficult to penetrate and holding glass together if it breaks. Certain security films can also reduce solar radiation and glare.

Additionally, installing our anti-graffiti window film on the outside of your glass, creates a protective layer that keeps it safer from unwanted scratches and markings.


Decorative Window Film

Looking for a distinctive look in your building? Install a decorative window film to give a unique aesthetic and fresh, unexpected design while also letting light into your office.

These window films are available for short- to long-term use, according to your needs. Decorate your space at a fraction of the cost of installing etched or frosted glass. In addition to decorative window film, you might also want to take advantage of our custom window shades available in motorized and manual adjustment. 

Customize your building or office with these three options:

Decorative Window Film dresses up Office Space