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Window film is an essential addition to any business in Frisco. Texas is a naturally warm state throughout the majority of the year and its easy for overly-exposed windows to damage furniture and goods that rest in close proximity to the windows.

Plain window glass lets 70% of harmful UV rays in. That’s a lot of unnecessary risk for your business to take.

Many Frisco business owners recognize the threat UV rays pose to their property and intstall window tinting throughout their property that helps reduce energy costs, increases privacy, enhances security, and creates an overall more comfortable setting for business.

We stand out from other window tinting companies in Frisco because our 40 years of experience in the industry gives us the wisdom to help you pick the perfect tint for your privacy, comfort, and aesthetic needs.

Whether you’re shielding your business from the sun or prying eyes, commercial tinting services from Sun Masters can help you keep your business personal. 

Commercial Window Tinting in Frisco

Frisco is a bustling community that offers ample opportunity for success in any industry. From grocery stores to office fronts, there’s something for anyone who wants to succeed in a long-term investment opportunity in our city.

However, life in the big city comes with its threats to a business, many of which we can solve through commercial window tinting. Our tinting services use a safety and security film that protects your business’s windows from accidental impact, purposeful terrorism, natural disasters, and more.

When you put your trust in Sun Masters, not only can we keep your business more secure and private, but we also ensure that the outside you present to the world matches your building and brand’s aesthetic.

Examples of Our Work in Frisco, TX

We’re proud of the work we perform for Frisco business owners. If you’re still on the fence about shielding your interior from rays or other threats, we invite you to take a look at some of the superior work we’ve performed for businesses large and small in the Frisco area.

Privacy Frosted Windows on PepsiCo Frisco Offices

PepsiCo’s Frisco offices are one of our favorite repeat customers. Originally, they came to us with concerns about heat issues and privacy in their back warehouse.


We helped them by installing 600 square feet of frost tint in the warehouse for privacy. The beauty of this opaque tint is that you can’t see in or out, providing full daytime and nighttime privacy.


As far as heat reduction and privacy for the front office, we used a Dark Neutral 15 tint. Two of our master technicians were able to complete the entire tint job in a single 8 hour work day.

Exterior View of Privacy Frosted Windows by Sun Masters on Pepsico Frisco Offices

Flower Shop in Frisco, TX Used Clear View Plus 70 Window Film

Located off of Lebanon in Frisco, Simply Blessed Flowers was feeling a little too touched as their standard windows were allowing 70% of the light to heat up their location and flowers.


We installed Clear Film that blocks up to 94% of the heat coming through. While this is our most expensive film, it’s popular with retail of any type of store because it offers a low outside reflectivity. It’s clear, and does not change the look of your building.

Flower shop in Frisco, TX used Clear View Plus 70 Window Film

Window Tinting in Frisco - FAQs

Tinting your commercial windows in Frisco, Texas means trying to beat the heat and getting the job scheduled for the cooler months.


Any time between November and February is ideal. More moderate temperatures make the installation process more successful and allow your tint to properly stick to the windows and keep your business cooler and more private.

Keep in mind, that you can order a window tint at any time of the year, but extreme weather conditions like the sweltering heat of summer or a snow storm can lead to diminished tint quality.

Not sure how much it will cost to get your business’s windows tinted in Frisco? Reach out to the commercial tinting experts at Sun Masters. We will schedule a time to scope out your location, take measurements, discuss your needs, and provide you with a quick, accurate estimate.

Determining the time it will take to install your windows is based on several factors. Between the size and number of windows, current weather conditions, and the type of film we’re installing, timing really varies.

The average installation time is roughly 3 – 5 windows per hour.

If you want to keep your tinted windows clean, any ammonia-free Windex that is vinegar or citrus-based will do the trick. Ammonia is a harsh chemical that can cause fading, peeling, and cracking on your tinted windows. Avoid ammonia-based products at all cost.


There are also several other window cleaners on the market made specifically for cleaning tinted windows.

Our Commitment to High Quality Commercial Window Tinting

Sun Masters is a family-run commercial window tinting business. We have over 4 decades of experience keeping Frisco’s offices cool and energy efficient.


Trust us to use our experience to help you protect your business from damaging UV rays and privacy concerns!

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If you’re ready to make your office look and feel its best, Sun Masters is ready to answer your questions and offer you your free quote!


Talk with us and learn more about the many options of window film we have available to help you achieve your goal, whether that is to reduce heat, create privacy, or keep your furniture from fading.