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Best Window Tinting Company in Irving,TX

The sun may provide much-needed warmth throughout the year, but sometimes a little too much UV exposure isn’t ideal for homes and businesses in Irving, Texas.


Between setting off the comfort in an office building to fading expensive furniture that rests immediately near a window, there are several reasons why so many local businesses turn to Sun Masters DFW for commercial tinting.


Our team of experienced tinting professionals stand out from other window tinting companies in Irving because we have over 40 years of experience on our side for helping businesses and homeowners alike protect their privacy, cut down energy costs, and minimize harmful UV exposure.


Trust us to quickly get your home or office tinted to perfection with a window film that meets your needs and matches your locale’s aesthetic.

Commercial Window Tinting in Irving

Commercial window tinting services in Irving help protect your property from UV exposure, nosey neighbors, and skyrocketing energy costs.

We’ve helped businesses of all types achieve maximum comfort levels and are ready to help your office building, restaurant, warehouse, doctor’s office, or school look and feel its best from the inside out.

Commercial tinting is a property investment that can help you save hundreds of dollars throughout the year via minimized UV exposure. Regulate your interior temperatures so your employees, equipment and furnishings don’t overheat.

Example of Our Irving Window Tinting

One of our most recent window tinting projects is our work at the Tulsa Welding School just off Airport Freeway and Nursery Rd in Irving, TX. We not only expertly installed the window tint the building desperately needed, but they’ve also joined the thousands of businesses in the DFW area that benefit from our lifetime warranty on commercial tint.


For high-quality materials and customer service on commercial tinting that can’t be matched, look towards the Sun Masters.

Expel Evening View 5% on Tulsa Welding School

When students were struggling with the heat from the sun beating down into the school, Tulsa Welding reached out to Sun Masters DFW for a complete building window tint.


They chose Xpel Evening View 5 to block the sun’s rays from emitting too much heat into the facility while students worked on their welding projects.


A single welding flame produces temperatures that exceed 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Combined with the heat from welding in the building, the excess heat coming in from the sun was just too much to bear for students.


Our Xpel window tinting strengthens and beautifies any window or door it graces. So, we weren’t surprised to see they were thrilled with our Xpel window tinting results

Tinted Windows at Tulsa Welding School in Irving

Window Tinting in Irving - FAQs

Without adding installation into the equation, the average window film in Irving costs between $2 and $14 per square foot. Our team of experts can survey your commercial property and ensure you receive the most accurate quote possible for your window film materials and installation.

Ready to get a quote on your window tinting project in Irving? We make the process easy. Just contact us and a representative will schedule a consultation that includes window measurements, material options, and an accurate quote that can’t be beaten.

The length of your window film’s lifespan lies purely in the conditions it is exposed to and the quality of the material used during your tinting job. On average window film lasts between 10 and 20 years in Irving.

Our team has the experience to help you pick and maintain the right window film that protects your commercial property from the sun for years to come.

Window tint is so much more than just blocking out the sun. If privacy and security are issues involving your windows, we can install a glossy tint that keeps prying eyes away and your interior protected.


We’ve helped thousands of Irving businesses exceed their privacy needs and can help you make the most of your commercial window tint.

Our Commitment to High-Quality Window Tinting

Over our decades in the industry, the team at Sun Masters DFW has honed our expertise to create a reputation for excellence that follows us through Irving and neighboring cities in Dallas and Fort Worth.


Our family-run legacy operation puts our hard-working values at the forefront to ensure every tinting job we perform meets our high standards and keeps your building protected.

Contact Our Irving Window Tinting Company

If you want to enhance the comfort of your commercial building in Irving, Texas, Sun Masters DFW is here to assist you with our top-notch window tinting services. 


Our team is dedicated to addressing all your queries, providing a complimentary quote, and presenting a wide array of window film choices to help you accomplish your desired outcomes, be it minimizing heat or establishing privacy. Take the first step by reaching out to our office today.