Residential Window Tinting

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Dallas Home Window Tinting

Many Dallas homeowners never even consider window tinting when it comes to home improvement. That's because most people remain unaware of the extensive benefits this economical service can provide. Consulting with a professional service like Sunmasters is crucial for selecting the right residential window tinting product, as we have many options to meet your needs. Each type of window tinting film has different properties, thicknesses, and aesthetics. At Sunmasters, our professionals will sit down with you and listen to your needs to get a clear-cut idea of your goals so we can recommend the appropriate window tint for your home.


Solar Window Film For Your Home

North Texas has blazing hot summers, and while our winters are mild, you will find cold days. Solar window film is one of our most popular products because of its ability to enhance your home’s interior comfort.

These products let in light but not heat while reducing reflectivity and unsightly glare. No one will know that you have tinted windows. We use XPEL solar window film/tint products, available in various  thicknesses, and VLT (visible light transmission) ratings to provide excellent aesthetics and help block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from entering your home.

With a Sun Masters solar film installation, you’ll extend the life of your furniture and other valuables that come into the sun’s direct rays, ultimately saving you money. Window tinting reduces fading and also promotes good health by reducing signs of aging and the possibility of contracting skin cancer.

Benefits of solar window film/tint include:

broken window without secure window film


Security Window Film

Get an added layer of protection and protect your interior privacy at the same time with a safety/security window film installation. Our certified technicians will install protection where you need it.

Glass doors and windows are some of the most vulnerable areas of your home. Whether it’s a break-and-enter crime, a high-wind natural disaster, an earthquake, or another  unexpected event, XPEL safety/security films will keep your family and valuables safer. Available in various thicknesses, these tinted films will hold broken glass in place and help prevent flying shards when extreme weather events damage your home from excessive wind or fallen trees. XPEL window film guards against the natural causes of window impact. Your windows and glass doors will be harder to penetrate, making intruders less likely to gain entry.

Our safety and security products do double duty, too. Besides strengthening glass and keeping prying eyes from watching your daily activities, some of our products provide solar protection, meaning you’ll get the best of all worlds. Best of all, no one will be able to tell your home has additional security. Ask one of our consultants which product is best for your needs.


Decorative Window Film

Are you seeking something different for your home? Our XPEL film offers three decorative window films that will give one or more areas of your home a unique look. 

Decorative window film can add privacy to spaces like bathrooms while letting in light. These products also reduce interior solar radiation and glare. Homeowners can even choose blackened window film for a dramatic look that completely changes a window.
Decorative Frosted front door to home

Decorative window film options include: