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Furnishing your Coppell home is an investment. You take pride in these furnishings. They not only make you feel comfortable, they are showpieces that you want your friends to admire, as well as heirlooms to pass on to your children and they on to their children.

Dallas’ leading designers, such as Jennifer Baker highly recommend window film as a complement to any work they do. “Long gone are expensive homes with closed shutters day in and day out. Silk drapes are back along with open views”

“The main reason people in Coppell need film is to protect their furniture, hardwood floors and artwork,” according to Toby Watson, residential film director for Sun Masters. “Once you have to replace an expensive painting or heirloom quality dining set you realize how damaging the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be; You don’t have to close your shutters or pull your drapes to keep your possessions beautiful.”

Today’s window films are neutral in color and clear to the eye. Aesthetics are vital to keeping your home beautiful and natural. Films provide up to 78% heat reduction and can reduce annoying glare. Reduced energy costs are an obvious benefit, as well.

With lifetime warranties available on film and a company with 24 years of dedicated service, you’re covered no matter what your needs. For more information about new state of the art products installed in Coppell by certified professionals, you can contact Sun Masters Glass Tinting at 469.831.3101.

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Whether it’s controlling harsh sunlight, providing a safe space for a commercial building’s property and occupants, or lowering heating and cooling costs and reducing environmental impact.


Madico architectural window films offer a wealth of benefits for homeowners, depending on which type you choose. In addition, they are available in a variety of styles and hues, so you can be as bold—or as subtle—as you'd like.

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