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Jul 24, 2023

The Benefits of Tinting Windows for Commercial Buildings

Clearview Ceramic 35 Low Reflectivity Windows for Hide Bar

When running a successful business comes to mind, presentation plays a huge role. While aesthetic factors like exterior painting and internal decorative design have benefits that impact customer attraction, your building’s windows are also a pull or deterrent.


Many modern business owners realize this and focus on commercial window tinting as a beneficial commercial upgrade. While you may think window tint is purely aesthetic, there are actually several important benefits that high-quality commercial window films can provide.


Let’s take a look at why businesses across Dallas and Fort Worth have made the move to tint their windows and what benefit this upgrade brings for long-term business success!


Tinted Windows Reduce Glare

One of the top reasons to tint windows in a commercial building is to reduce glare. Sunlight coming directly through untinted windows can create uncomfortable glare and make it difficult to view computer screens and other devices.


You need your employees to be comfortable in order to achieve the level of customer service you want to be known for. Therefore, window film helps diffuse and reflect sunlight to keep glare to a minimum without blocking views or natural light entirely.


Give your employees maximum comfort with less eyestrain and headaches as they navigate various screens throughout the day.


Lower Energy Costs

Temperature swings are a major reason to pull the trigger on commercial window tinting. In Dallas, it’s easy for the summers to reach above 100 degrees for days. Without tinted windows, the heat sinks into your building and forces your AC unit to work over time. In the end, this just seeps cash from your bottom line as energy bills skyrocket.


Tinted windows can significantly reduce solar heat gain, helping decrease the building’s cooling costs in warm weather.


The tint from our window films come in various options that allow you to choose how much sunlight enters your building. Ask the right questions before your commercial tint. Let us help you ensure your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.


UV Ray Protection

Window tint also provides protection from ultraviolet light, which can damage furnishings like flooring, furniture, and artwork. UV rays also cause skin damage and increase the risk of diseases like skin cancer.


Window tinting can filter out 99% of UV rays to protect both people and interiors. Employees and customers will benefit from reduced UV exposure, and you’ll save money not having to replace damaged wooden floors or faded furniture in close proximity to your windows.


You Choose Your Privacy Enhancements

Adding a high-quality window tint improves privacy from exterior onlookers. Reflective films allow those inside to see out, but make it difficult to see inside the building.


This boosts security, protects private information, and creates a more comfortable environment. Enhanced privacy can benefit commercial spaces like offices, medical facilities, and restaurants


However, businesses like bars or retail shops may want to show a little more on the outside just so people on the outside can see the buzz on the inside and wander in.


Not every window tint has to have the metallic reflection that keeps prying eyes out. If you want a cooler approach to window tinting that blocks UV rays while ensuring your business is inviting, trust our window tinting experts to help you make the right choice for your commercial upgrade.


Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, window tinting simply improves the external appearance of the building. It creates a sleek, modern look. Tints come in various hues, like neutral grey or reflective mirrors, to complement the rest of the architecture and design. Improved aesthetics convey professionalism and style that can impress customers.


Achieve the Ultimate Commercial Comfort With Sun Masters DFW

It’s clear to see there’s no glare in our message! Installing commercial window tint provides major opportunities for any business that takes the leap.


At Sun Masters DFW, we understand that you have options when it comes to picking a reliable window tinting team. We’re ready to answer all of your questions and show you why we are the most reputable installers in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.


With our professional installation, window films can boost the efficiency of your brand for years to come.


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